Planetarium II

by Raventale

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Owen W
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Owen W The blend of genres on display here, with melodic black metal and symphonic black metal laced seamlessly with doom metal, is a feat on its own. The sound is grand yet catchy, with the best of each genre on display. That the album remains so consistent from beginning to end is even more impressive. Favorite track: Route To Andromeda.
henull thumbnail
henull Strongest AOTY contester so far. Long time fan of Raventale, but this has to be the best album of this project so far. Spaceatmoblackdoom, like, what. Favorite track: Route To Andromeda.
saito487 thumbnail
saito487 This song had me immediately buying the album. Phenomenal instrumentation. The epic sound of this album is definitely something to write home about. Favorite track: Drinking Sulfur, Devouring The Sun.
vderka thumbnail
vderka A worthy and quality sequel of the Planetarium line, I miss the longer tracks however. Great atmosphere as we would expect from the mighty and only Raventale. Atmospheric Black metal how it should sound in 2020. Well done! Favorite track: Earth (Alpha & Omega).
target_destroyed thumbnail
target_destroyed This is an excellent follow-up of the previous work! By previous, I mean before "Morphine Dead Gardens", since MDG walked on a very Doom-ish path - in a brilliant way, though!
But when listening to Raventale I expect, well, Raventale! And, yeah, here we are, back again! \m/
H.L. thumbnail
H.L. After the funeral doom episode "Morphine Dead Gardens" RAVENTALE returns to the Planetarium and presents an album which includes all valued trademarks: Ultra-atmospheric melodic black metal with just the right amount of aggression in the vocals and guitars. In general the songs are less epic today but that only contributes to the catchiness and makes the album more accessible. Check what you like, there are no fillers on this release. From zero to the top of my playlist! Favorite track: Drinking Sulfur, Devouring The Sun.


Planetarium II - the conceptual follower of original Planetarium album. It extends the analysis of extrapolation of cosmic mysteries, clandestine dimensions and extramundane weirdness.


released September 8, 2020

Recorded at Miasma Studio 2017-2020
All music and lyrics written by Astaroth Merc
Arranged and recorded by Astaroth Merc
Additional female voice by Alina Belova
Front cover and layout by Olga Kann


all rights reserved



Raventale Киев, Ukraine

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